Ya Ruzmi

Collaboration with Pop-music students for the gig at the «M4Music Festival»

We created a myth about the fictitious band called «Ya-Ruzmi». They are unique creatures originated out of music. Much remains a mystery as to how they evolved. The tribe of the Ya-Ruzmi is conducted through music and spends the most of their time traveling around the world as source of inspiration for their musical performances. After many Years of abstinence they managed to go to Zurich to play some of their psychedelic 70‘ rock songs from all over the world at the «M4Music Festival». 

Seven musicians worked with us seven designers for one month together to create this 30 minute show. Each designer crafted a costume for one musician, all are based on different cultures of an other continents. We chose together the music and the general aesthetic look of the performance. 

March 2015, Style & Design
Project leader
Costume Design
Advertising (posters, guerilla concert)